We won the Family Friendly Business Award 2014

We were super-excited and a little overwhelmed to win the Wirral Tourism’s Family Friendly Business Award on Wednesday 2nd April.

The awards were held at the Floral Pavilion and it was a great excuse to get dressed up and take the team for a night out. We were up against Ness Gardens and Hickory’s Smokehouse – both very strong businesses and if we’re honest, we didn’t think we stood a chance. It was only when they read out the finalists names and started to list the qualities of the winning candidate that we all looked at each other and thought, that’s us! Sure enough our name was read out and we all ran up onto the stage – all 8 of us (Eddie chickened out!) We had a little drink or three to celebrate afterwards
Thank you so much to everyone who nominated us. It really means the world to hear that you enjoy your time at The Shed as much as we do!

A photographer from The Wirral Globe visited us today – I apologise in advance for the dreadful photos, I got the giggles at the silly things he was making me do with the award!