Summer has ended – time to prepare for you-know-what!

The children are all back in school, calm has descended on The Shed. Mums everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief and getting back to their daily routines. That can mean only one thing – time to think about (whispers) Christmas!

We have been inundated by requests for Christmas stock already. I refuse. Foot firmly stomped. Not until October – well end of September anyway. Halloween items have reached the shelves. Christmas pots will be joining them soon. It feels too early to me but if that’s what you painters want, then that’s what you shall have!

We are closing for the next 3 Mondays and Tuesdays to get some work done inside The Shed and attend a couple of courses. One of them sounds really exciting – carving into greenware – we’ll post some pictures as we go along. Thinking it would be a fun workshop if it’s not too crazy-difficult. We’ll see when we’ve done it ourselves.

We had a sad end to the Summer, saying adios to some of our longest-serving staff as they head off into the big wide world. Kathryn completed her Masters Degree in Law and is now working as a Legal Assistant. Golda completed her Engineering Degree and starts her new job as a Project Engineer in London today. Hannah has left us (temporarily) to start her degree in Theology – but we’ve pinned her down and she’s agreed to come back for the holidays. Beth is using her Biomedical Sciences Degree in her new role that started 2 weeks ago. It’s been an honour watching them grow and develop over the past years. They are all the best of the best and they’ll flourish in their new ‘big girl’ jobs. I’ll miss them like mad.

That leaves Lizzie, Sarah and Joe working with us. Time to recruit! Any new staff have big boots to fill so it’s going to be tough to find the right people but we’ll do it! Ploughing my way through CVs all morning is the plan for today (after loading the kiln and glazing yesterday’s pottery).

Thank you for your continued support – it’s been 11 years since we started this crazy business, how mad is that?!