Opening Times


Opening Times

Usually open every day 10am – 5pm, but please check calendar before visiting

Update 25th June ’18

During this ridiculously hot weather we’re struggling to fire the kilns without putting any extra heat into the studio. We’ve decided to CLOSE MONDAYS AND TUESDAYS for the next 3-4 weeks. We can then fire the kilns Sun/Mon, extract the heat and open again on Wednesday all nice and cool. Apologies for any inconvenience (I know this won’t be popular) but otherwise the studio is going to be uncomfortably warm for our painters.


Please give us a ring and save a table if you can – especially at weekends or during school holidays.

Always book in advance if you need help, for instance with baby prints. Thank You so much!


Open in the evening for groups – by appointment only. Give us a ring to discuss. We do lots of Rainbows/Brownies/Guides and Beavers/ Cubs/Scouts groups as well as youth groups, WI, Church groups, Hen parties, adult birthday parties etc etc. Oct – Dec evening are especially popular and you need to book them well in advance.


Adults Nights

First Thursday of the month from Feb to Sept: 6.30pm ’til 10pm.

Every Thursday from October to December: 6.30pm ’til 10pm.

These evenings are very popular and many are full months in advance. You must book in advance to reserve a table and there is a £5 a head non-refundable deposit to secure your booking.

Next adults night with availability is 1st March 2018.

You are welcome to come alone or in a group of any size. The evenings are very relaxed and sociable. You are welcome to bring a bottle of wine or two if you wish (although we feel obliged to warn you that the quality of your painting will deteriorate with the quantity of alcohol consumed!). Nobody seems to mind how the pottery turns out after a glass or two however! Some people take the painting very seriously, others take the socialising very seriously. We don’t mind as long as everyone has a great time!

These evenings are as much about the chat and laughter as the painting – that’s why they are so popular. You don’t need to be in the tiniest bit artistic, we have all the skill, tools and techniques you’ll ever need. Artistically challenged painters are our forte!