Open in Hoylake

Thanks to the most amazing bunch of people – friends, family, workmen and staff – we opened in Hoylake on Saturday 12th April.

The winners of our competition, Shannon and Katarina, opened the new Shed by cutting the ribbon at 12 noon. Lots of people popped in to say hello and wish us luck – and 20 minutes later we were full. We weren’t expecting that!

The only thing that didn’t go well in the run up to opening was the kitchen fit. Unfortunately the kitchen is still only partly complete, so we can’t prepare our full menu yet. Poor Eddie, all his plans defeated by kitchen fitters. Huge shout out to Ceri at Gorge-Us for helping us out with cakes until Eddie can get baking again.

We have an offer on birthday party bookings for the first couple of weeks – 10% off or the birthday boy or girl goes free, whichever is more valuable to you. Offer valid for the first 20 parties booked after the move – for parties any time up to end September 2014.

We have a little surprise at the till as well. As it’s Easter we thought a little Easter Egg might be in order – but these Eggs contain little treats. It might be sweeties or it might be a discount voucher for up to 50% off your total bill! Starting today (Tues 15th) every customer will be offered a basket of eggs to choose from. If you’re lucky you’ll win 10%, 20% or even 50% off your bill; but even the losers walk away with some sweets or a crème egg! That’ll make up for the hideous roadworks that start this morning 🙂