Father’s Day is close!

Hello All – Father’s Day is only a few weeks away so we’re pretty busy with families making lovely presents for Dads and Grandads. To make life a little easier for everyone, we ask that you book in advance for help with hand and footprints. You can book by phone, email or via facebook – any way that works for you. If you don’t book, you may end up waiting a while and that’s not good for anyone – especially the little ones!

When you book, we allocate a half-hour slot for you. This should be enough time to choose your pottery and the design you prefer and for us to do the prints. You can then spend as long as it takes decorating the pottery, there’s no time limit – you can stay as long as you like! If you think you’ll be late for your booking, please just let us know. If you’re booking in with a newborn baby we will always try to be as flexible as possible – getting anywhere on time just doesn’t happen with a teeny baby!

We always advise booking, regardless of whether you need help with prints or not. We have given up trying to predict when we’ll be busy and when we’ll be quiet. After 13 years, we still get it wrong. Best to book and make sure you have a table when you want one ūüėČ

Back to 7 days a week

Here we are then, in the run-up to Christmas. Where did the year go? Less than 9 weeks til the big day so we’re back up to 7 days a week so you can get your fix of pottery painting fun!

As a minimum we’re open 10am – 5pm, but there are any days when we’re open til 9 or 10pm. If you’re struggling to get back to collect before 5pm just give us a call and we’ll let you know our late nights – we don’t always advertise these times as we’re hosting private groups or parties, but we’re happy to allow collections at these times.

Weekend afternoons mid-Nov through December are our family Christmas painting sessions. Every Saturday and Sunday we’ll keep clear of parties so you can come together as a family and paint a bauble for the tree or a plate for Christmas Eve or a reindeer or anything from our huge range of Christmas items.

Throughout November we spend most weekdays painting babies and toddlers hands and feet to make perfect little Christmas presents – things that will be treasured for years to come. If you’d like us to help with the prints, it’s pretty important to book a slot – we have been named as the Wirral’s Baby Print Specialists by a local magazine, so we get pretty darned busy!

Off now to get another load in the kiln. Hope to see you soon!

Summer has ended – time to prepare for you-know-what!

The children are all back in school, calm has descended on The Shed. Mums everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief and getting back to their daily routines. That can mean only one thing – time to think about (whispers) Christmas!

We have been inundated by requests for Christmas stock already. I refuse. Foot firmly stomped. Not until October – well end of September anyway. Halloween items have reached the shelves. Christmas pots will be joining them soon. It feels too early to me but if that’s what you painters want, then that’s what you shall have!

We are closing for the next 3 Mondays and Tuesdays to get some work done inside The Shed and attend a couple of courses. One of them sounds really exciting – carving into greenware – we’ll post some pictures as we go along. Thinking it would be a fun workshop if it’s not too crazy-difficult. We’ll see when we’ve done it ourselves.

We had a sad end to the Summer, saying adios to some of our longest-serving staff as they head off into the big wide world. Kathryn completed her Masters Degree¬†in Law and is now working as a Legal Assistant. Golda completed her Engineering Degree and starts her new job as a Project Engineer in London today. Hannah has left us (temporarily) to start her degree in Theology – but we’ve pinned her down and she’s agreed to come back for the holidays. Beth is using her Biomedical Sciences Degree in her new role that started 2 weeks ago.¬†It’s been an honour watching them grow and develop over the past years. They are all the best of the best and they’ll flourish in their new ‘big girl’ jobs.¬†I’ll miss them like mad.

That leaves Lizzie, Sarah¬†and Joe working with us. Time to recruit! Any new staff have big boots to fill so it’s going to be tough to find the right people but we’ll do it! Ploughing my way through CVs all morning is the plan for today (after loading the kiln and glazing yesterday’s pottery).

Thank you for your continued support – it’s been 11 years since we started this crazy business, how mad is that?!

Closed for Mother’s Day, 26th March

We are really sorry to cause anybody any inconvenience, but every now and then we feel it’s important to put our own families above the interests of the business. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas are examples of those times.

As a small family-run business, very often our own families have to take second place to the realities of running a busy studio. After a recent family bereavement, we feel it is more important than ever to spend the day together.

We realise that this is an unpopular decision – many people have told us so – but we are still going ahead and closing for the day. We need time to be together, to be a family, to do normal things. Whilst we love our painters, we need to show our family that we love them too!

We have worked crazy hours over the past few weeks to get everyone’s Mother’s Day presents ready for collection today. After successfully meeting that deadline, we’re going to have a little lie-in tomorrow morning!

Wishing you all a wonderful Mother’s Day, or just a lovely Sunday!

Staff recovery day – Mon 2nd Jan 2017

Closed Mon 2nd Jan 2017. No,¬†not to recover¬†from hangovers! Half the staff were down with heavy colds before New Year – so to give everyone the chance to start fresh for the new year, we’ve decided to close for Bank Holiday Monday.

Apologies for any inconvenience. We’re open every other day this week though so you’ve got plenty of time to get your creative fix!

Closed Bank Holiday Monday (30th May)

We will be closed for one day (Bank Holiday Monday, 30th May) to spend a little time with our own families. Open again tomorrow though.

Hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday. See you at the beach!

Apologies for not being open 7 days a week through February

Hello All,

Just a little note to apologise for the irregular opening hours throughout February. Jeanette has had an operation that means she will be off for somewhere between 6 weeks to 3 months. Although friends, family and staff have been wonderful in offering their time, we are still struggling to get enough staff to cover every day of the week.

For the first couple of weeks in Feb we’ll close on Mondays but be open every other day, 10am – 5pm. We’re ok for staff through the half-term week so we can open 10am-6pm every day. We’re hoping that the rest of the month will be 7 days a week, but if we’re going to close on any day, it¬†is going to be a Monday. We’ll keep the website calendar updated and try and post regularly on Facebook – but please always check by phoning the studio on 0151 336 3000.

Thanks for your patience. Jeanette will be back on her feet as soon as possible and back here as soon as the doctors will allow. Please bear with us in the meantime – we’ll do our very best!

Bonkers Busy Christmas

Well that was mad! I don’t think we’ve ever been so busy, for so long, right the way up til Christmas. Huge Thanks to everyone who has visited us this year, especially in the lead-up to Christmas. It’s so lovely to know that we’re a little part of your Christmas celebrations – a bauble on the tree – family time – a present for a loved one etc. We’ve met some lovely new people this year and welcomed back lots of familiar faces. This has got to be the best job in the world (although I’m not sure I was saying that last week when all I seemed to do was glaze pottery, load and unload the kiln¬†and not actually see anyone!)

A massive Thank You to The Shed Team – they’ve worked their little socks off to make sure you all got your pottery back in time for Christmas. Lots of early starts and very late finishes and still managing to smile through it all. Love you loads!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, full of fun. We’re going to spend time getting to know our children again – we haven’t seen them properly since mid-October – and chilling out to recharge our batteries.

We’re closed for 4 days, then re-open on Bank Holiday Monday. See you then!

We’re hiring!

We are looking to recruit 2 committed, enthusiastic and energetic part-time studio assistants to join our busy, award-winning team.

We need weekend staff initially – weekday staff will be recruited soon.

We are looking for 1 person to work each Saturday and 1 person to work each Sunday. Flexibility between these days would be an advantage but is not essential. Both working days start at about 10am and end around 6pm. This can vary by season. Additional hours are available during busy periods, school holidays and to cover staff holidays.


As one of our Studio Assistants you will (after training) greet customers, provide help and advice on art projects and help to host our very popular parties. In addition you will be involved with taking payments, taking bookings and assisting with keeping the studio well-stocked, clean and tidy. There is a lot of cleaning with this job!

As well as the studio, there is a very busy coffee shop. All staff work flexibly between the two areas, so you must be able to adhere to the strict hygiene standards. Full training will be given.


The ideal candidates will be full of personality, confident, cheerful, friendly and approachable.

You must like children. A lot!

You will be a good communicator and a real team-player.

We have lots of fun but we work hard so you must be physically fit and able to stand for long periods of time – there’s not much sitting down on this job.

You must be 16 years of age or older – sorry!


Lets see if you can pass the first test – just follow these simple instructions:

Using the email address – [email protected] –¬†send a short paragraph to us, stating why you think you’re the best person for this job. Be as creative as you like – no formal CVs please. I also need your name, age, contact phone number (mobile if possible).

The email title MUST be – weekend staff recruitment application.


The Potting Shed team will go through all the applications received by Thursday lunchtime and invite a number of you to an informal interview at The Shed on Friday evening, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. This will not be a formal, boring, sit-down interview. We’ll try and make it fun and bring out the best in you.

If you can’t attend this first stage of interviews, let us know when you apply – telling us why we should wait for you. We are well aware that some of you might be on holiday etc. We’ll wait for the right candidate.


Closed for Father’s Day

Sorry for any inconvenience – but we always close for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. We all work silly hours in the lead-up to events like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Christmas etc – and we don’t get to see much of our families. This one day gives us a chance to reconnect briefly before throwing ourselves into the next week of madness (we love it really!). Jeanette’s Dad is 84 and poorly, so its especially important to take time out to spend the day with him and make sure he knows how special he is to us.

We hope you all have a lovely family day – those of you that can spend the day with your Dads. Love and hugs to those who can’t¬† xx