Half-Term this week!

Half-term hits most of us this week and the weather forecast is rubbish!

We’re running sessions throughout next week to make life a little easier all round.
Sessions are 10am-12noon (2hrs) 12.30pm-3pm (2.5hrs) or 3pm-6pm (3hrs)

As you can see, we’ve extended our opening hours until 6pm to give everyone a little bit more time and to offer different length sessions to suit different age groups. Younger children (age 7 and under) will usually paint for an hour and a half or less, so the morning sessions are ideal. Older children needing longer painting times can come in either of the afternoon sessions.

You don’t have to arrive dead on the session start times, but your table will be needed by another group at the end of the session. If you’ve painted with us before and you know that 3 hours isn’t going to be enough, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do. If we’re really struggling for space you are welcome to leave your pottery ‘unfinished’ and return any time within a month to complete your masterpiece at no additional charge.
We always ask that you let us know if you are visiting with babies and toddlers for hand/footprints. Half-term is particularly busy and we might struggle to find the time needed for really good prints. If you can, could you avoid the half-term week and book for prints at another time? We will always try and help as much as possible, but it can get a bit crazy at half-term!

If you need any help at all just give us a ring on 0151 336 3000 and we’ll do our best xx