Summer Holiday Fun!

Every day throughout the school holidays, you’ll be able to choose from a huge range of activities to keep your children entertained:- we have arrange of crafts that you can take home on the day as well as our rather marvellous glazing and firing service.

Pottery painting with glazes (leave with us to glaze and fire in our kilns) – recommended option for pottery! These glazes are water based and wash out of clothing really easily. They’re non-toxic so no need to fret about the little ones putting them in their mouths.



Pottery painting with acrylic paints – take home on the day option. We have a range of 24 superb quality acrylic paints, designed especially for our pottery. These paints will stain clothes so old clothes are recommended (they say they’re washable, but they’ve stained our t-shirts).

Pottery decorating with Foam Clay – take home on the day option. This tactile decorating medium is a bit like slime with beads in it. It’s squishy and pliable so easy to play with, but sets hard overnight. We have stick-on jewels for a bit of bling too!




Paint-a-Canvas – take home on the day option. We have a range of designs to choose from – ranging from easy-peasy to a bit tricky. Great for Mummy and me time or for older children, teens or adults to tackle by themselves. Each design comes with step by step instructions and a pattern to trace onto the canvas to make life easy. The instructions even tell you which brushes to use! 2 sizes, £15 and £20.

Make-a-Teddy – take home on the day option. Our gorgeous, super-soft teddies are just waiting for their new best friend to fill them full of love (and fluff). Cuddling is encouraged to make sure just the right amount of fluff is used! Most teddies are £16 (Peter Rabbit is £17). Teddy sized t-shirts can be decorated with our fabric pens and stencils for only £2.50.

Indian Block Printing on fabric – we LOVE this! We have tote bags and bunting especially for the Summer holidays. We’ll have 3 sessions a day (10.30am, 12.30pm and 3pm) to demonstrate this fabulous way to decorate fabrics. This is aimed at older children – we would suggest a minimum age of 8yrs with adult help but age 10yrs up is ideal. Only 4 places per session. £15 for either a tote bag or 5 flag bunting (more flags available at £3 each with advance notice). You’ll make a sample piece of fabric to get the hang of printing, before starting on your tote or bunting. The sample piece can be taken home as a little freebie. 90minute sessions will be approx. 30mins demo and practice, 60min printing. Take home on the day option.

Every visit, make sure you ask for a loyalty card and get a stamp. If you visit us 3 times over the holidays you will be invited to a free session on Sat 31st Aug or Sun 1st Sept – loads of fun crafts to end the Summer on a high. Free squash and biscuits for the children too. Rock painting, decopatch, painting ceramic ornaments and more! A little thank you from us 🙂