Pottery Painting

Most people visit The Potting Shed to paint pottery which is then left with us to be glazed and fired in one of our on-site kilns.

We have about 400 items to choose from – everything from little figures, money banks and boxes, to practical items like plates, bowls and mugs. SO many things in between! The choice is ridiculous really and Jeanette is always being told off for buying new things without thinking where on earth they’re going to fit in the studio – but it hasn’t stopped her yet.

Painting pottery is a very relaxing activity, suitable for all ages. You won’t realise it at the time, but you’ll be creating happy memories along with your piece of pottery! There aren’t many activities that all the family can indulge in and enjoy, but pottery painting has it all.

The studio has an all-inclusive price policy ie the price you see is the price you’ll pay. No studio fees here, the price includes glazing and firing.

To give an idea of cost:-

Small figures start at £10, going up to about £30. The majority are £15 or less.

Money banks from £15 – £20.

Plates £10 – £30

Mugs £10 – £15

Bowls £12 – £25

Lanterns £15 – £22

Vases £16 – £25

New items are added all the time, so there isn’t a price list to refer to – we’d lose the will to live updating it all the time – but if you need to know the price of a specific item, please just ask.