Babies & Pre-School

Babies & Pre-School

The Potting Shed has loads of experience of working with little ones. From baby’s first footprint to handprints when they get that little bit older.

You must book if you would like us to help you to get that perfect little hand or footprint.  We can let you know what times to avoid (birthday parties etc) and be ready to help you when you arrive. At busy times (such as the lead-up to Christmas) we may have to ask you to return another time if you arrive without a booking, this never goes down well so please just pick up the phone and give us a call before you travel! You 100% must book for clay imprints as there is only Jeanette that can do them, so we need to be sure she’s available for the 30mins or so these take.

Footprints on pottery from birth. Youngest so far, Martha, straight from hospital, 1 day old.

Hand and footprints in clay from 1 month. No younger please. Let their little bones harden and settle a little first!

Please note – after a particularly lovely toddler took a liking for the paint, we should point out that all of the ‘paints’ are completely non-toxic, safe for children and adults alike. They can suck the paint off their fingers all they like – it won’t do them any harm at all!