Excuses for closing Bank Holiday Monday, 25th May ’15

With apologies, The Potting Shed is going to be closed on Monday, 25th May.

We have a number of excuses that should make you feel so sorry for us that you won’t be cross –

Jeanette is recovering from pneumonia (she who doesn’t get sick! Ridiculous, but true)

It’s Hannah’s birthday – no-one should have to work on their birthday!

It’s the middle of exam season – we won’t ask any of our staff (who are sitting any exams) to work extra days instead of revising. (Wait til you’ve got children that age, you’ll agree with us.)

Eddie got confused by the dates and has ordered a mini digger for the weekend to dig out for a new shed (apparently it’s a man-thing?!)

We opened up last Bank holiday and hardly anyone came so we’re hoping no-one will notice this time?

Anyway, the truth is we’ve got no staff. Eddie wants to dig and Jeanette needs her bed. We could make up something far more exciting, but that’s how it is.

We’re open every other day, 10am-5pm, so hopefully you won’t be inconvenienced too much.

We beg your forgiveness and Jeanette promises not to get sick again for another 9 years!

Thank you for your understanding (about the pneumonia, not Eddie and the digger – he’s in trouble about that!)