Archive: November, 2014

Open for collections only on Monday 10th November.

With sincere apologies for anyone that’s inconvenienced by this – we’re going to close for painting for one day, Monday 10th November.

We have been overwhelmed by the amount of people painting over the past month or so and we simply need a day to catch up! We need to do a quick stock-check – all the paint bottles are empty and dirty – we need to catch up with matching pottery to invoices – but probably most importantly, Jeanette needs to spend the entire day glazing!

It seems odd to close during our busiest period, even just for a day, but we’ll be able to give better service to our visitors if we have a day to catch our breaths and catch up a little.

Thank you for your patience!

We’re here all day so you’re welcome to come in for collections 🙂


Remembrance Sunday

On Sunday, 9th November, we will be closed until 12 noon. We have struggled to observe the 2 minute silence in previous years so we’ve decided to avoid the awkwardness and just close for the morning. We have no bookings, so hopefully this won’t inconvenience anybody! Thank you