October Half-Term is here!

How did we go from Summer straight into October half-term. Surely the children haven’t been back in school long enough to deserve another holiday? I’m obviously getting old and the days and weeks are whistling by without me noticing.

Halloween falls on the Friday of half-term this year – so we’ll get any Halloween pottery painted up to and including Tuesday (possibly Wed morning too) back to you on Friday. We have skulls and snakes, pumpkin mugs, bowls and tealight holders, Count Dracula bowls, spiders and all sorts of other horrible things that the children love!

If Halloween fills you with horror (hehe) we have Christmas pottery on the shelves to start your festive painting frenzy. There are some really lovely things to choose from – with the weather turning colder as well, we’re not feeling so guilty having them on display. Why not start a family tradition and paint a bauble for the tree? Or an ornament for the house? Or a present for a loved one?

And if it’s too early for Christmas for you, we have about 300 other items for you to choose from. Everything from plates and bowls and mugs, to fairies and daleks and dragons and dogs and………..you get the idea!  Loads and loads of choice.

Our coffee shop serves freshly ground coffees (with a range of flavoured syrups to make life a little more exciting), teapig teas, yummy hot chocolate and a huge range of soft drinks, smoothies and juices. There are fresh homemade cakes and treats to tempt you (especially Eddie’s famous chocolate fudge brownies), as well as sandwiches, toasties, baked potatoes and daily specials.

On Friday 31st we’ll have free face-painting, trick or treat and apple bobbing. You don’t need to paint. Not all parents feel comfortable with their children knocking on strangers doors for trick-or-treat, so if you have a little’un who wants to wear their costume during the day and you want to visit a child-friendly place where they can trick-or-treat safely – then just pop in. I miss my own children being little enough to dress up, so the more children we see – the better! There’ll still be painting all day, so if you want to paint you can – but the children can pop in for some sweeties whether they paint or not 🙂

We’re sponsoring the Halloween party at The Parade on Saturday. Hoylake’s Community Centre works so hard to bring interesting and exciting events throughout the year and we’re proud to be a little part of this one. Tickets are only £1 and the fun lasts from 5pm til 8pm. Contact The Parade for tickets. Great value!

As ever, October half-term is one of those REALLY busy weeks. If you can phone and book ahead, please do. Because it’s so busy we can’t promise non-painters a seat. We’ll always try – but might have to ask non-painters to sit close-by in the coffee shop or soft-seating by the window. If you think of it like booking a table at a restaurant, but telling them that only half are eating – it might help to explain the situation we find ourselves in. Obviously younger children need assistance from their parents/carers and we always take that into account, but please bear with us at half-term! To give you an example, we have one booking which is 7 non-painting adults and one child painting – so we’ve allocated 2 seats so the child isn’t alone and the rest of the group are going to sit in the coffee shop and take turns to marvel at the painting prowess of their 4 yr old grandson/nephew. We have about 58 seats for painting and 14 tub chairs and sofas – with a bit of jiggling we can usually make everyone happy!