Staying in Heswall until mid-March

Just to confirm that we’re staying at our original site until at least the end of February ’14. The landlord of the new shop in Hoylake is doing some remedial work which will take approx 4-6 weeks, then we need 2-3 weeks for our re-fit and move. So, we’re here until at least the end of February. Probably mid-March. Frustrating but at least we feel like we’re making progress now.

Many people have asked us why we’re moving. Whilst we have enjoyed our time at our lovely studio near Heswall, the site itself has gone downhill dramatically.  We need more space urgently, we are turning people away constantly and thats just sad. We need room for another kiln and a bigger studio. And indoor toilets. 8 years of going outside to the toilets is quite long enough! We want to offer new crafts like canvas painting, throwing on the potters wheel and glass fusing but it’s just not possible here. We’ll introduce the new crafts once we’ve settled in and got everything running smoothly. One step at a time!

We hope that our painters won’t mind too much. We will have a lovely new studio, bigger but not so big that we lose the atmosphere that we enjoy so much. We’ll have extra kilns so we shouldn’t have to extend the return period for pottery beyond one week (bear with us on that though, lots of training going on before that can happen!). We can have a proper coffee shop again – for those that remember the early days of sofas and coffee tables!

Our aim is to make this the most family-friendly art based coffee shop anywhere. Great fun for all ages. Plenty of room for prams and pushchairs for our younger visitors and their parents. Loads of choice of activities for all budgets. Friendly staff. Great coffee and food. Just good fun!