Archive: September, 2013

Move to Hoylake

Well the frustration continues. It looks like we will be in our current studio until January. The council is still dithering about which planning consent is needed for us in Hoylake. We are trying to stay positive – New Year, New start and all that……

At least we can plan up to Christmas here in Heswall. All parties, groups, workshops etc will be in Heswall until Christmas. We’re pinning all our hopes on being able to move over Christmas and open up in the New Year in a lovely new studio.

Keep everything crossed!


On a positive note – the studio is crammed with every conceivable item of pottery for Halloween and Christmas. We’ve already done dozens of handprints on baubles! Don’t leave it til the last minute – get organised and get painting!

We’ve got a couple of workshops for the adults nights, check the calendar page for details – they are gorgeous and very easily achievable, promise! Working on a simple Halloween workshop for children, testing it on different ages before we make it public.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Well that was fast – the summer holidays are almost over – how did that happen?!

We’ve already ordered our Halloween pottery. It’ll be here in a week or so and we’ll be running a couple of workshops for children and adults in October.

Dare we mention Christmas? We’ve been asked so many times in the summer holidays when we’re getting our Christmas items in, the answer – the beginning of October. So, in the next few weeks we’ll be painting santas, snowmen, reindeer, penguins, baubles etc etc. It’ll be weird if it’s still so warm and sunny! We say this every year but it’s still true – start early! We order ridiculously huge amounts of pottery but every year one item will be more popular than we’ve expected and we’ll run out.

Baby groups – can we ask that you always book in advance. If you need help with baby prints we can advise you what time is best so you aren’t waiting too long for assistance. We’ll always try and accommodate you if you just turn up but we had more than one occasion last year where we had 20+ babies lined up waiting for prints. Not good for you, us or the babies! Just give us a ring on 0151 336 3000.


Many of you will know we intend to move to a new property in Hoylake  – where the Spotty Blue Teapot used to be. It’s twice the size, free parking at the rear as well as some parking at the front, indoor toilets (Jeanette’s favourite) and scope to expand the number of crafts we can offer. We’ll have space for at least one more kiln as well so the pottery turn-around time should remain consistent all year round.

The move is still on – it’s just taking a silly amount of time. The council have delayed things by deciding that the planning consent we’ve had for 7 years isn’t right and they’re making us reapply for planning consent for the new property. A 6-7 week delay we really didn’t need. AAARRRGGHHH.

Rant over.

We still hope to move October-time, but it’s all up in the air until the planning consent comes through, assuming it does! Keep your fingers crossed.